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Oxfords Rules

Hi girls, promise kept on this occasion I will try to write in English. Shall I tell you a secret? I did not practice my English a long time ago  hihihi, anyway ,this morning I was reading some information about "oxfords shoes" and was increible! I could find information about them such as: its history  (understood as "why it calls like that"),and  kinds of oxfords shoes (actually, there are a lot of models, with high-heel, without high-heel ( flats) ,with printing bla bla bla).

"Oxfords first appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they are occasionally called Balmorals after the Queen's castle in Scotland, Balmoral."

I confess that.... I am very chilly :D here in lima-peru, winter has started very late, so when I go out I wear sweaters, jacket, boots with thick socks and things like that (I know, I exaggerated) but I love it ;  I love winter!- and I love being well sheltered.

Although the cold put "scrub" :D ,there are several options as well as look beautiful with thousands of sweaters (hahaha), yesterday I was walking around Miraflores which is a district here in Lima ,and I saw many girls wearing oxfords (they saw so pretty and cute ) Oxfords are HOT :D!

"Oxfords are traditionally constructed of leather and were historically plain, formal shoes but are now available in a range of styles and materials that complement both casual and formal forms of dress."
According to information I found, at first, the using of oxfords were just for male, Is that not amazing? ( Nowadays It looks great in women)
Let's look out...

Type " Ballerinas"

With "painting"


with high-heels


Oxfords- men

 I hope you liked it ,until the next post!


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contacto@2piezas.com dijo...

Tengo un montón de estos zapatitos, me chiflan!!! Un abrazo.

Gigi PersonalShopper y Asesora de Imagen dijo...

hola preciosa !!
Acabo de descubrir tu blog,,,y me ha encantado.QUE TE PARECE SI NOS SEGUIMOS ??? YO YA LO HAGO DESDE YA.
Te espero en mi blog,,,estoy sorteando un COLLAR PRECIOSO,,TE VA A ENCANTAR !!!

Alina Altamirano dijo...

Sí son muy lindos , estoy rogando que me compren un par :)
Un super abrazo :)
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Alina Altamirano dijo...

Okidoki! Podemos seguirnos :)
Estamos en contacto :)
Un beso3

2minutos dijo...

Hola linda,
Me encantan los oxford, tengo en varios colores y son muy cómodos, sobre todo los que no tienen tacón.
Muy buena selección :)
Acabo de conocer tu blog y ya me quedo como nueva seguidora. Ojalá tú también puedas seguirme!

Alina Altamirano dijo...

Gracias por tú visita!
Igualmente me encantan los oxfords muero por un par que sea estampado :)
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